How to Find and Land A Sweet Job (even if nothing has worked in the past). 

Video Course: 20 Hours (1200 Minutes)

The Inside Scoop

All the details you need to know if the Sweet Job plan is right for you

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Finally, The Career Breakthrough You've Been Waiting For


Skip the guesswork and follow a proven system so you get the best results.  Stop stressing and worrying if you did the right things to get the job you want.  Have confidence in your process and focus on what really matters.  


A "Sweet Job" provides for your immediate needs and desires, while setting you up to achieve your long term goals. We'll help you think through your options and set your sights on an exciting target. It's time to love what you do.


Get employers to offer you 1000's of dollars in extra salary, benefits, and time off by following a proven process that gives you the power to negotiate properly. Learn the "magic words" so you don't leave money on the table.


The right job is an important step in creating a career and a lifestyle you love. The average person will change jobs every 2-5 years, and you'll want to be smart about each new job. Lifetime access to our course will help you stay on track.

A complete, Step-By-Step System for proven results

7 Step Video Training to Find and Land A Sweet Job
1) Define Your Sweet Job

Duration: 1h 38m

Learn how to identify the factors that will make your next job "Sweet."  

3) Find Your Sweet Job

Duration: 3h 10m

The best jobs rarely show up online, and the ones that do are more competitive than ever. Learn how and where to find the one you want.

5) Rock your Interviews

Duration: 1h 13m

Interviews are tricky. Learn to anticipate anything an employer might throw at you, and gain the upper hand.

7) Get Started Right

Duration: 41m

Master the transition to your new job. Take a well deserved break, and get started on the fast track.

2) Build Your Job "Engine"

Duration: 3h 40m

Get the secret sauce for a compelling resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile to power you to your next job

4) Apply Like a Boss

Duration: 35m

Learn how to get the inside track  and hijack an organizations internal processes to stand out and land interviews.

6) Stress[less] Negotiation

Duration: 51m

The right words can be worth thousands of dollars a year. Learn the most easy and effective ways to negotiate the best possible offer.

Bonus: "Sweet Career" Plan

Duration: 26m

Plan for your next Sweet Job, and get a "Sweet" career plan in place, so that you love your life - long term.

About Allen & Monica

We get it.  

We get it.  We know how frustrating and intimidating it can be when you are trying to land that next job, and we've learned exactly what you can do. We've researched the very best tactics, tried and tested everything, and added some unique strategies and tactics, to give you the very best material possible. We know what works.

We've negotiated big salary increases, remote work arrangements, career changes, seemingly impossible promotions, and above all - we learned how to work on our terms. It's incredibly satisfying and rewarding, and we want to help you do the same.

“Our passion is to help people build a life they love, and the most practical place to start is with a better job"

Everything You Need To Land A Job You Love

All 22 video lessons, organized into 7 sequential steps for the best results

Get the scripts, templates, worksheets, and checklists to land the job you want.

Request personalized help.  If you get stuck, we'll help you break free.

Real Results

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I was stuck for years, but I finally got my dream job!"

"I felt like I had tried everything, and nothing was working.  I got obsessed, and eventually I learned this system that let me completely change careers in only 10 weeks.  I went from a job I hated to a job I loved, with a 40% raise!  Plus I could work remotely from home or while traveling.  I only wish I had figured it out sooner!"

Monica Reynolds (Digital Marketing Manager)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I tested this process over and over - it works."

"I used this system to get a 30,000 raise in only 60 days, while taking a huge step forward in my career.  We also worked it so we could use the time in between to take a 6 week trip to Asia that we always dreamed of!"

Allen Reynolds (B2B Technology Sales)

Is The Sweet Job Plan Right for You?

"Everybody wants a better job, but not everybody wants to work for it" - Allen


  •    You are ready to work hard and work smart to          land a worthy job.
  •     You are prepared to earn the outcomes that you     want.  You realize that your results come from         the results you provide to your employer, and         you willing to stand behind your work. 
  •      You feel like your career isn't on track, and you        want to finally find a job you love.
  •      You aren't getting the results you want, and you      are ready to try something new and proven.


  •      You aren't willing to apply the material (learning      things won't help if you don't apply it).
  •      You are a value vampire - You drain resources          from a company instead of making meaningful        contributions to your company, your team, and        your role.
  •      Your current job is a great opportunity for you,        but you aren't mature enough to handle it.
  •      You are looking for a miracle - Like a 3x salary          increase or a CEO job right out of college.

VIP Member Only Bonuses, [Limited quantity]!

These Bonuses are only available to our VIP Members.

VIP Membership is a limited time offer.  

Be a VIP Member

As a VIP Member, you get special time and attention to get the results they want.  If you'd like, we'll personally review your Resume, Cover Letter, Linked-in profile as a part of your 1-1 Strategy Session.  

Plus, VIP members get lifetime access, so you'll never have to stay stuck at a job you don't love!​


1 on 1 Strategy Session

The right strategy can make all the difference.  As a VIP Member, you can access a 1-1 Personal Strategy Session to make sure that you have the right strategy for the results you want.  Sometimes, its hard for you to see the things that could be holding you back, and all it takes is a fresh perspective to help you get the breakthrough you are looking for.  


Personalized Templates, Guides, Worksheets, and Checklists

We've got loads of resources already available, and we'll be developing more for based upon the needs and requests of our VIP members.  If you need a specific resource or even a personalized script or template to help you land your next job, just let us know.  You can request a specific resource, and we'll do our best to provide it for you.


Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

It's simple - get all your money back for any reason within a full 30 days of purchase.

We designed this guarantee to give you full confidence in buying this course.  There is no reason to hesitate or wonder if you should or shouldn't.  See for yourself.  Go for it and get a refund if you aren't fully satisfied.

Start Today! Get VIP Lifetime Access

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VIP Members receive extra value and personalized help, but once capacity is reached, additional VIP Members will NOT be accepted.

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  •   All 7 Steps (22 Videos)
  •  Unlimited Personalized Help
  •   Lifetime access

VIP Membership 


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  •   All 7 Steps (22 Videos)
  •   Guides, Worksheets, and         Checklists
  •   Scripts and Templates
  •   1-1 Strategy Session
  •   Personalized Template             Requests
  •   Exclusive Bonus content
  •   Lifetime Access
  •   100% Satisfaction 30 Day         Guarantee


Standard Membership


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  •   All 7 Steps (22 Videos)
  •   Exclusive Bonus content
  •   Guides, Worksheets, and         Checklists
  •   1 Year access
  •   100% Satisfaction 30 Day   Guarantee


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